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Wisby Påsköl

Our popular Easter beer takes its inspiration from the Bavarian beer Märzen – a classic bottom-fermented beer packed with dark-roasted malt and brewed exclusively from aromatic hops. A full-bodied yet refreshing brew, with a well-rounded sweetness. A beer designed to go with most of the delicacies on offer at an Easter buffet, but can of course also be enjoyed on its own. Wisby Påsköl is a seasonal product. 

Taste profile

Appearance: Deep amber with a slight hint of dark mahogany.  
Aroma: Clear aroma of roasted malt with refreshing strains of hop, reminiscent of ripe citrus fruits, plum and blackcurrant leaf.  
Taste: Distinct bold and hoppy bitterness with notes of roasted malt, dried fruits and a refreshing hoppy finish. 


Lager is bottom-fermented and the most common type of beer. The word comes from the German for ‘to store,’ and lager can be stored for longer than top-fermented beers. Lager is fermented at a low temperature, between 6 and 12 degrees. The fermentation process is slower than for top-fermented beers and involves the yeast cells sinking to the bottom, hence the name. There are different types of lager – dark lager with a strong malt aroma, pale lager with a distinct hoppy bitterness and lager in between these two kinds with a sweeter flavour.
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