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Gotlands Bryggeri!

Eftersom den här webbplatsen innehåller information om alkoholhaltiga drycker så måste vi försäkra oss om att du är 20 år, eller äldre.


Gotland Brewery is one of Sweden's foremost breweries, where quality, innovation and flavor are the main focus, and this permeates at every stage of the company.  We strive to constantly develop and improve, find new ways and grow as a team and as a company. In the coming years we are entering a new, exciting phase where we are building a new brewery on the island of Gotland. Hence, we are facing an expansion phase with focus on preserving our products’ quality. Gotlands Brewery consists of eleven employees, whereof five work in the brewery.

Job Description

The purpose of this position is responsibility for the development of new products and ensuring innovation from the choice of raw material to finished product. The role also includes a quality responsibility, where the consistent and pure taste of Gotlands Brewery’s products maintain an excellent quality according to our set methods and processes.

Main areas of responsibility

  • Perform tasks in the production process in connection with product development
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Ensure that the production process flows accordingly
  • Responsible for the brew forum consisting of members from production and marketing
  • Work closely with the marketing department in discovering trends and increase product understanding
  • Responsible for ensuring that processes and routines regarding quality are complied with
  • Ensure that Gotlands Brewery products maintain an established standard and quality
  • Perform tasks arising in connection with laws pertaining the Food & Safety Act
  • Act as a right-hand to the site manager
  • Continuous work shift in production if required
  • Follow set routines and processes
  • Perform tasks associated with different certifications
  • Participate in Gotlands Brewery's development and improvement work
  • Follow our value "Welcome in" and act accordingly to policy & procedures when the brewery receives visits

Job Specification

  • Completed brewmaster degree from example Doemens, VLB, Weihenstephan or an acceptable similar technical training, preferably with focus on food production.
  • Quality and environment education in food production a merit
  • 3 – 5 years of work experience within the manufacturing sector. The food or beverage industry is meritorious
  • Good knowledge of control systems that manage production.
  • Good understanding of the Office program mainly Excel. Experience of working in Movex is meritorious.
  • Good understanding of how a food producing company works
  • Good technical knowledge for technical maintenance work and preferably an understanding of the chemical process in a brewery
  • It is a requirement that you can communicate in Swedish and/or English
  • Driving licence is a requirement, meritorious with license to drive fork lift

Personal characteristics

As a person, you take responsibility for tasks and structures and steer processes forward. You focus on strengths and assets to create conditions with confidence in dealing with future challenges. You prioritise, organise and carry out activities effectively in accordance to an operational manner. Creativity comes naturally in how you find new approaches to work-related issues. You perform when required in a thorough and detailed manner to achieve good results. Hence you can maintain a realistic perspective in stressful situations focusing on that which is most relevant. Lastly you are goal oriented and am aware of the quality standard of Gotlands Brewery.

Your application

We would appreciate it if you can send us your CV and personal letter where you describe your competencies, experiences and results in a comprehensive way. We will evaluate the applications accordingly and interviews will be held on an ongoing basis.

In order to maintain a high standard of quality in our recruitment processes, we want to draw to your attention the following: a background control will be conducted of the final candidates in accordance to their permission.

All positions at Gotlands Brewery are covered by the collective agreement, which covers important aspects such as contractual terms regarding annual leave days, fair wage, pension, sick leave etc. We fall under the following labour unions: ”Unionen, Sveriges Ingenjörer, Ledarna och Livsmedelsarbetareförbundet”.


Last day for applications: 29 August 2019
Date of entry: 1 November
Duration/Working hours: Temporary/full-time
Placement: Visby, Gotland
For more information regarding the job: Johannes Obermeier brewmaster and site manager, + 46 76-815 8040. For more information about the recruitment process: Victoria B HR-Specialist, recruitment, Tel: +46 (0)8 128 91 702